About the Eddy
A back eddy is a place within a river, usually along a shoreline, where the current doubles back on itself and actually flows the opposite direction. If you are a trout, an eddy is a great place to rest, maybe inhale a few midge pupae or that hopper that just splatted down on the foam line. If you are a fly fisherman, an eddy is a great place to spot some trout, maybe cast to some risers or pull a streamer through, with the hope of a mammoth tug. If you are neither a trout nor a trout fisherman, an eddy can be a nice place to sit on the bank and watch the world double back on itself.

This blog is like an eddy, at least I hope it is in the way that an eddy swallows up and traps fish and fisherman alike, changing the game by swirling the current. Most of the topics here deal with fly fishing Eastern Idaho and Western Montana, but there is a fair amount of conservation, music, books, sports and whatever else the current brings us as well.

About Your Fearless Narrator
Having begun my fly fishing life in my early teens, I am now in my early thirties, looking squarely ahead at middle age. After college (where I majored in the ever useful field of English) I began writing fly fishing articles for magazines as a supplement to the meager wages of my day job. I started this blog experiment because I tired of writing those articles, which most editors wanted to be about all my favorite fishing destinations. Here I hope to write what I want when I want, and maybe actually figure out a thing or two about this whole writing gig, with the cold comfort that pretty much no one will ever read a word of it. If you do read this, and you want to tell me how great or worthless it is, use qgrover(at)gmail.com.