Sunday, May 15, 2011

"High water rising, six inches 'bove my head..."

I haven't fished in a month. Its painful--like a dull, throbbing ache--but I am managing. I hope to get out this coming Friday. Of course while I have been tied up the rivers have been rising. Bob Dylan nuts like myself have had one song going through our heads.*

*Happy 70th, Bob.

Such circumstance drive an angler to seek out those those mysterious, flat ovals of confusion known as still waters. I find myself loving still water fishing when it is good, but when it is slow I find it intensely boring. All the paddling and fruitless casts, the wind, the feeling of helplessness once I have exhausted my meager bag of still water tricks. It can be difficult to face. At least in a river I can imagine there is a stretch of river around the corner where trout are rising. The flat nothingness of a lake all too often exposes me for the fraud I am. And there is nowhere to hide.

But I have summoned the courage to get the pontoon boat inflated and ready to go in the garage, waiting to be launched on this year's first real lake trip. I haven't decided which water will have the pleasure of making me feel like a fool, but I am sure I'll pick the right one in that regard.

Josh Bergen over at Troutbugs had a similar thought, although it appears he caught some fish. If you're not fishing lakes right now, your best bet is the fly tying desk, I suppose. Tie some to catch some. Or maybe you are flying the bird of injustice the face of all this high water, like Ivan at YGF. Either way, good luck.      

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  1. I sort of feel the same way about still water. If it's good it's a lot of fun. When it's not (most of the time for me)it's horrible. Nice post.