Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sediment Removal Planned for Silver Creek

The Nature Conservancy has announced a plan for the removal of built up sediment in Idaho's famed Silver Creek. The Conservancy says that the sediment has built up from years of overgrazing. The details on exactly what will be done are rather few in the AP article I have linked to here, but it seems that part of the work will include build an island of sediment in Kilpatrick Pond. Other work will take place on various tributaries and ponds on the Silver Creek Preserve, while the Nature Conservancy is also planning to work with the Purdy family who owns a lot of the riverfront property downstream of the preserve.

Part of the plan, according to the article, is to keep livestock at least 100 feet from the river using fences. I will admit to being slightly stunned these fences are not already in place.

The work will begin this year. There is no indication if or how the work may affect the fishing or the water quality during operations.  

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