Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Fishing in Black and White (part two)

At the end of the November, I posted a black and white slideshow from the early winter trips I had taken. I thought it was interesting to experiment with black and white in a winter environment with the white snow and the dark river.

A week ago today I took my first trip of the year (just before the temps starting dropping to twenty below like they did early this week). I took the camera along and snapped away. It was a solo trip, so there are no action shots (or hero shots). But there are some macro fish shots and the trees were covered with hoar frost, which often makes for good photos. So here is part two of the black and white series. Not sure there will be a part three, but in the words of Mr. Bond (or at least the chap who titles his movies): never say never again.

Check out the full screen version, if you like.


  1. Very cool shots. In black and white the frost almost looks like leaves on some of the trees. Winter is an amazing time to fish!

  2. Its true, winter is so different. The rivers are empty and often beautiful.