Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick Update on the Montana Stream Access Story

Life has intervened lately and I haven't been able to post an update on the stream access fight taking place in the Montana legislature. Chi Wulff has it covered here and here. And Troutbugs (Josh Bergen's site) is all over it as well.

In summary, HB 309 (the bill that would change the definition of a ditch in Montana and potentially bar anglers from fishing some rivers they have enjoyed for the past century or so) has passed the House of Representatives and is moving  onto the state Senate. That is the bad news. Good news is that there are some indications it will die its rightful death in the senate. For info click the links in the previous paragraphs. As for me, well tomorrow I am going fishing--which seems like a proper response to all this madness. Another proper response is to let your voice be heard. Do yourself a favor and try both.


  1. I'll be praying for Montana. I hate to see another state that allows the greed of a few to ruin the freedoms of many.

  2. If things go bad in Montana on the heels of what happened in Utah last year and the fight going on in Oregon, access might become a bigger issue that invasive species for those of us out here in the West.