Monday, February 21, 2011

Latest on the Montana Stream Access Front

The Montana state senate has set March 3rd for the initial hearing on HB 309. Between now and then, the fly fishers of  Montana have the chance to let their senators know how their constiuents feel about gutting one of the finest stream access laws in the nation.

As for those of us from out of state, its our job to make sure the senators know that a change in the law might affect our decisions when it comes time to decide where we will be spending our money on fishing trips in the future. While it may not speak as loudly as the fear of re-election or the direct deposit from a lobbyist, tourism dollars do talk.

As usual Chi Wulff has the details and a list of contact info.

Montana Stream Access / HB 309 Update 21 February: The Senate Committee  Contact List Edition

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