Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Fly Tying: Seal Bugger

I fished some lakes last fall (and truly enjoyed it). In doing so I got my first taste of fishing a Seal Bugger, a Denny Rickards variation of the Woolly Bugger. The ones I used last year were purple, so I decided to try some alternate colors: brown, olive, and wine/black variation.

Anyway, I am hoping these are good additions to my stillwater box, which is never as full as I would like and always contains a bunch of flies I am not so sure about. Its an interesting concept really, Rickards has sort of combined a traditional woolly bugger with the a simi seal  leech. Its got the palmered hackle and marabou tail that I think make the woolly a good fly, but it also has the impressionistic movement that is common on simi seal flies and mohair leeches. Much of Rickards philosophy (as I understand it) is based on the idea that fish in lakes are attracted to flies that look alive, rather than flies that imitate very specific insects or bait fish. Hence, his flies tend to be more impressionistic in nature and less realistic. Sort of like the difference between Monet and the guy who used to paint landscapes on public television (that guy was amazing).

Every year I plan to do a lot of stillwater fishing and then I end up not doing as much I hoped. Usually its because fishing lakes requires a little more work. I've got to load up the pontoon and drive a little farther. Whereas the Henry's Fork is just up the road and the rods are already rigged. Hopefully this year my ambition will overcome my laziness. 

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