Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hitting the Links: Grizzly Bear Attack Edition

I've held off on this post to give the "feedback on the future" post a little more air time. But I know that its winter and some people are probably dying for anything to read other than the weather forecast. If that is you, then check out these links. And remember, you were dying. I just saved your life. You can thank me later.
  • Grizzly deaths are up in the Yellowstone region. Which brings me back to my favorite question: is it a bear bell or a dinner bell?
  • Nice NY Times story on Trout habitat restoration in California. 
  • You may have heard that the elderly gentleman at the end of A River Runs Through It (movie version) passed on recently. That is one of my favorite* scenes. I love the narration and imagery. Anyway, Chi Wulff provides a little more texture to the story of a seemingly cool guy. 
  • Squeeky Oar Lock over at the The Headhunter offers a nice overview of general rules for fly fishing photography. If one of your resolutions is to get better with the lens, give it a look. 
*For the record, I love The Movie (now out on Blu-Ray). I know that is taboo for some and probably makes me a poser in the eyes of the hardcore, old school, flat earth crowd, but I love it. Who cares if Brad Pitt couldn't cast. The book, of course, is better. 

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