Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Eddy Peers Into the Abyss and Thinks about the Future

Just to be clear, the abyss referred to in the title of this post is not the movie "The Abyss." Because frankly, peering into that would only make me think about the past. The very boring past. No, this is the requisite post (or maybe not so requisite) where I blather about the previous year and then postulate about the year ahead. Blathering first, then postulation.

So, 2010 in summary: The Eddy woke from a long slumber, posted some stuff, some number of people (most likely three) read it. Personally, I enjoyed it.

2011? I really don't know, at least about the long term stuff. For the near future, things will probably stay more or less the same. But here is where I break form, at least for a moment.

Generally, The Eddy has been something of a one-way conversation. Its swirling currents don't generate the same back and forth found on many of the better more popular fly fishing blogs. To be blunt, The Eddy is not a shinning example of the interaction promised by the Web 2.0 prophets ages and ages ago (or two years ago). And to be honest I'm not too worried about that. In many ways this blog is the equivalent of me talking to myself while walking to some remote river or backcountry lake. And I rather enjoy talking to myself.

But I would like to know if any of The Eddy's brilliant readers (to steal a term from Joe Posnanski) have strong opinions about the site. Is there something you want more of? Less of? The same amount of? Something I have never tried but you wish I had? Wanna let me know that you are tired of all references to Arsenal Football Club? Now is your chance. I am happy to listen to all three of you.

Just post it in the comments field, or send me an electronic mail (you can find the address on the About page.*  I won't post it here for fear of the spam tidal wave that may immediately flood my inbox).

*Speaking of pages, I updated the Best of page with my own arbitrary and completely bias selections for the best posts of the past year (which was only four months of posting). Give it a read. 

For now, I await your earth-shattering feedback. And, just so you know, the sound of crickets will be interpreted as confirmation that The Eddy is a perfect creation, surpassed only by the divine image of a trout rising (preferably to my fly).


  1. Earth-shattering feedback: I like it as is. Nice writing. An eclectic mix. Being a blatherer myself, I can appreciate good blathering when I find it. Blather on!

  2. Thanks, Scott. Its good to know that 1/3rd of my readership feels that way.

  3. For the amount of money you're probably making here, I say to hell with the readers; write what you want.

  4. In this vein, I sometimes wonder if a handful of good-but-infrequent bloggers shouldn't simply form a mutli-author blog.

    A half-dozen good writers could keep the content flowing and readership up while lightening the burden a little. (Have you ever noticed that bloggers who haven't posted in a while start their posts like they're in a confessional?)

    I've thought about something similar for the Trout Underground, but haven't quite pulled the trigger yet.

  5. I've thought about the multi author thing as well, in fact I almost brought it up in this post. I think I will eventually go that way once I find the right collaborator(s).

    As for your first comment, I only wish I could get paid in fly line like you. Until then, I will write whatever I want.

  6. What I find in your blog is the perspective and insights of a guy that finds something deeply fulfilling in fly fishing. There aren't many that I've found that do that; so this reader's input is to keep up the good work. Your posts keep getting better - a recent favorite was the "fountain of youth" post.

  7. brandaris,

    Thanks for the kind words. Those are the types of posts I get the most satisfaction in writing, so its nice to know someone enjoys them. I hope I am getting better. A big part of this for me is that it forces me to write and I hope that forces me to get better.