Monday, December 27, 2010

Savoring the Moment

We are in that strange period between Christmas and New Year's when the whole week feels like a holiday. Especially if you are lucky enough to have the whole week off of work. Today I got up and played basketball, came home, played with the kids, tied a few flies while listening to an excellent M. Ward Album I got for $5 on Amazon, and then watched Arsenal dismantle Chelsea to the tune of 3-1. Thats a nice day.

I had planned on fishing today, but the wind was blowing and I managed to talk myself out of it. Every year I have this week off and every year I make a plan to go fishing, then often I end up staying home. I just don't have the severe cabin fever yet.

But it is coming.

My apologies to T.S. Eliot, but I think January and February are in a dead heat for the cruelest months.* These coming winter months are the two that eat away at my soul. I go into them planning to work endlessly and save my vacation for the spring, summer, and fall. But at some point in February I'll often spy a day in the coming forecast that breaks 30 degrees (or better yet, 40) and I'll be unable to keep from scheduling a vacation day and hitting the river. Its the endless daily repeat of ice, cubicles, fluorescent lights, and temps below freezing (or zero).

* Obviously Eliot wasn't a fly fisherman. April gives you some nice lake fishing, caddis on the Madison, and Blue Wings on some of the colder rivers. Plus pretty good streamer fishing. I rather enjoy April. January is best known for the ice flow on the Henry's Fork. 

Anyway, so far I am okay. I don't hate old man winter yet. I don't wish he would die a quick, painful death. So I plan to enjoy this week. And maybe I'll sneak off and go fishing, but I am not going to be too disappointed even if I don't. I am going to savor the moment. Its not every day Arsenal beats Chelsea.

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