Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hitting the Links: Rise Forms Launch Edition

Today marks the launch of Rise Forms, an internet-based magazine where fly fishing and literature meet. Fly fishing has something of a history with this kind of thing in the print medium--James Prosek helped launch the Yale Anglers Journal in 1996, and of course Gray's Sporting Journal has always had a very literary feel to it. But Rise Forms is not so academic yet still maintains a high standard of quality without devolving into a destination-selling, thrill-a-minute, extreme magazine. Its the creation of an excellent team including Scott Carles of Cutthroat Stalker, David Motes of StoryArc, and Anthony Naples of Casting Around.

Check out the initial launch. If I can get into gear, you may see my name on a future contributors list.

And the to the creators of Rise Forms: Good work, gents. And good luck.


  1. Thanks Quinn! We're hoping to be for the *average* reader (not sure what that means), so we've tried to keep the highfalutin to a minimum, but quality to a maximum (that's why we're eagerly awaiting that submission--ahem).

  2. Hey, you're fast. Now if I could only get my students to submit their work that quick when I ask for it!

  3. Thanks for the mention. Hopefully Rise Forms will continue to grow and attract more and more good writing to share with the fly fishing world.

  4. Well the first issue looks great, guys. The artwork is very nice.