Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hitting the Links: Wyoming Dam Watch Edition

While the Henry's Fork motors situation rages on, here are a few (mostly depressing) links to sink your clicks into...
  • Rocky Barber (one of the best outdoor, newspaper-sponsored bloggers around) weighs in with a couple of pieces: one on Bull Trout, and one on the old days of the Snake River.
  • Some irrigators in Wyoming want to dam up the Green River (one more time). It looks a nonstarter, but its worth keeping an eye on.
  • Speaking of the Green, don't forget about this debacle, which won't seem to die.
  • The Trout Underground weighs in on the Henry's Fork motors (I just realized that sounds like a car dealership) situation. Lets see how the Fremont County Commissioners like receiving emails from 700 million Undergrounders in the world (just a rough estimate).
  • And just in case you were wondering, it snowed here this week, pretty good covering of wet white stuff, really. So summer is over and winter has begun. Seems about right.

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