Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More on the Henry's Fork Motors Situation

It appears that the comissioners of Fremont County are dead set on doing things the hard way. In the aftermath of a surprising decision to do absolutely nothing--when all signs pointed to at least doing something--Fremont County now seems determined to believe that the voices for and against motors are split evenly. Which seems rather unlikely considering the Henry's Fork is arguably the single most iconic and famous fly fishing river in North America, and fly fishers as a whole seem to prefer drift boats and wading boots to jet sleds and jet skis.

As you can see from this link posted by anonymous commenter (thanks), things don't seem like they will get solved any time soon. It behooves us all to send an email (or two) to these jokers (contact info is included in the linked article) letting them know how much we do not want motors on the Henry's Fork, especially the famed railroad ranch section (and preferrably the very popular and trout-filled lower river as well).

Lets hope that someone decides at some point to listen to reason, though I won't hold my breath.

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