Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hitting the Links: Photos Galore Edition

Before we cannonball into these links, a couple of housekeeping issues...

I have added an email subscription service to The Eddy. Simply fill out the form and you will get The Eddy served to you email style, piping hot, straight from the microwave. A link to the form will reside in the sidebar. This feature was requested by masses of readers, and by that I mean my brother asked if I could do it. 

Also, the "Blogs of Note" in the sidebar is constantly being updated with new blogs that I stumble on (many of which get featured in the links). Rather than the droll 'blogroll' style that simply lists the blog title, I decided to go with the widget that gives you blog title, most recent post title, and a snippet of the post itself. That way you can all sprain your wrists clicking on posts with alluring titles like: "27-inch brown trout like to eat baby rabbits." Not every blog in my list is shown, just the ten that have posted most recently, I believe. Of course you will have to visit the site itself to see this mind-boggling widget rather than just the feed.

Finally, I also added a few features to the posts themselves, including the feed. These include facebook, email, and other sharing tools and links back to the comments from the feed (just added that one, hopefully it works). Also, if you visit the site you can provde feedback on each post by voting on whether it was a waste of your time or not.

Speaking of which, on to the links.
  • Great photos of a trip to the Henry's Fork.
  • More great photos from a trip to Alaska. These pictures alone are reason enough to stop the mine.
  • The Salt Lake Trib recenty ran an interview with Thomas McGuane, who has a new book out.
  • Midgeman went through some surgery. Keep him in your thoughts while you catch dozens upon dozens of trout on all those midge patterns he detailed over the last few months. On top of that, looks like someone hacked his Google account and his blog is MIA for the moment.
  • I recently discovered the Headhunters blog (hat tip to Trout Underground). Good blog, especially for a fly shop blog, most of which seem to start out strong then peter out.
  • A new Ed Engle book is out. Another reminder that I am too poor to buy the truly important items.
Trout Lessons: Freewheeling Tactics and Alternative Techniques for the Difficult Days

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