Thursday, October 28, 2010

Henry's Fork Motors: Time for Some Social Activism

According to Malcolm Gladwell, social media is a great tool for activism that doesn't require too much sacrifice (and a poor tool for activism that does).  Email campaigns to small county politicians seems like a minor sacrifice to me. And it may be time to flood the Fremont County mail servers, as the county commissioners seem intent on ignoring the fact that the majority of river users seem to want to keep motors off the river. Its gotten bad enough that the commissioners are more or now discussing the subject only after the Henry's Fork Foundation leaves the room.

I can't say it any better than Eric Pepper over on the Idaho Westfly Board:

The commissioners have persisted in ignoring/abusing/mistreating IP consistently whether it involves the river, the sewer systems, or the virtually unrestricted development they insist on permitting in IP, which ultimately impacts the river. They also seem to turn a blind eye to the fact the 60% of the county's tax dollars come out of Island Park, because it only represents about 10% of the voters -- too bad moose can't vote!
Irrespective of this, I believe a focused, written assault on the commissioners from as broad an economic and geographical base as possible will have some impact. Personally, I find it very difficult to be civil in addressing them because I've seen up close and personal what small minded, ignorant and frankly rude people they really are.
Notwithstanding this, I think the commissioners will have to give attention to a firestorm of written opinion in much the same way Governor Slick had to when he tried to wipe out the Harriman Ranch. I suggest hitting them hard, fast and repeatedly and encouraging everyone you know who fishes the Fork to do the same.
Here are the addresses:

Commissioner Paul Romrell, Chairman

Represents St. Anthony
512 Park St
Saint Anthony, ID 834451122

Commissioner Le Roy Miller
Represents rural St. Anthony
233 N 2400 E
St. Anthony, ID 83445

Commissioner Skip Hurt
Represents Island Park & Ashton

More info here.



  2. I would like to see the Foundation stand up for the upper river too. It is my understanding that the section above Mack's Inn does not currently enjoy the advocacy of the Foundation for exclusion of motors. This section sees a large amount of fishing and downstream floating. It serves spawning rainbow and kokanee. It is a prime candidate for protection from motors also. Every bit as deserving of protection as the rest of the Fork, if not more so!

  3. From what I have seen, the HFF is pretty vigilant about standing up for the river. I agree that the section above Mack's Inn is important, but part of compromising is actually making concesions. I guess I would rather see motors above Mack's Inn than above Fun Farm bridge, but maybe that is just me.