Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hitting the Links: Surfing the Hoback Edition

In the near future, I've got a very long post that compares online fly fishing reports to soccer journalism, photos from a trip to Silver Creek this summer, and the launch of a new eddy semi-regular feature. But for now, you'll have to be satisfied with these links and videos while I dream of fishing Kamkatcha.

  • You can pre-order the new Neil Young album, Le Noise (vinyl version for the purists). This was produced by fellow Daniel Lanois, who also produced two of my favorite albums: Time Out of Mind and Teatro. If Neil's recent live of performances are anything to go by, this could be his best work since Broken Arrow
  • Did you ever see a rapid on your favorite trout river and think: I bet I could surf that? No? Well these guys did:

And finally, this trailer came out while I was on hiatus. I'm not too big on the extreme fishing movie trend that is currently out there (I don't mind it, really, I am just more interested in what comes next). This movie looks like it might be an evolution in fly fishing film making. Or maybe I just really, really, really, really, really want to fish Kamkatcha someday. Either way, I hope (hint, hint) Felt Soul Media deems me worthy of a copy of the movie to review. Or maybe (hint, hint) sends me to Kamkatcha to help film the sequel. I can leave on Monday if needed.

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