Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hitting the Links: Jack Dennis Sues Himself Edition

The other two promised posts (Silver Creek photos and new feature launch) are still planned. But the link material is too fast and too furious lately. So click yourself silly...
  • Crazy lawsuit between the guy who taught me how to tie flies (well, his books--and my dad and my brother) and the store that bears his name. (hat tip: Midcurrent) Why does this remind me of the John Fogerty episode of Behind the Music?
  • Interesting story about trash on the Madison. Read down far enough and you'll find another reason to hate the rubber hatch.
  • If you haven't checked out Midge Man's site, do it now. Especially if you are a tailwater junky. Right now he is running a bunch of posts on classic midge patterns.
  • Here is a claim that there are a million bull trout in Idaho. Then a discussion of de-listing and the red tape that is the endangered species act.
  • If you have ever lost a fly rod, don't give up hope (I lost one last year on the Teton...Anybody?).
  • Idaho views brook trout like an invasive species (check out the daily bag limit on page 9). The latest weapon of war against the brookies: tiger muskie.
  • Doing my part to spread bearanoia: the Grizzlies are coming. Well, more than usual anyway.

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