Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hitting the Links: Flyfishers of the World Unite Edition

Taking a break from tying blue wings for some links (internet links, not sausage). Click your fingers numb...
The Grand Theatre Volume One


  1. Hi Back Eddy... Appreciate the review of the Essential Midge Patterns that I've been posting, it's kind of a nice way to blow some time until I'm healed up and back on the water. I must however explain the lack of paragraphs on my blog as if that makes you twitch as an editor, imagine what my long dead, 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Plunkett must be going through! I'd imagine she flips in her grave every time I post.
    The truth of the matter is I'm running an old XP Computer that was worked on by Geek Squad and in the process was upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7. That, for whatever reason, has me locked into "old editor" on my blog service and although I can actually indent or double space for a paragraph in comments, when I post everything comes out in block form and my paragraphs are lost in the translation.
    At some point a new machine is in the works as this old girl's hardrive if starting to squeek and her RAM is shrinking with an expansion of fragmentation. She's too old to qualify for a hard drive transplant so I believe her days are numbered.
    On this end, for at least in the immediate future, paragraphs will not be found in the posting section, not by design, but purely as a victim of knowing more about winding tread on a hook than I do about computers.
    If there are any knowledgeable computer geeks out there I would further ask that someone explain to me why when I post about fishing Cheesman Canyon on the Platte, blogger auto corrects the spelling to Chessman Canyon. I've spent the last two days correcting every post that mentioned Cheesman Canyon in the damn blog.
    At any rate, love The Back Eddy, it's a super blog!

  2. Midgeman,

    No worries. I was just cracking wise, really. Your essentail midge series inspried me to re-read Ed Engle's "Fishing Small Flies" over the weekend.

    After reading all this miniscule bug stuff, I think I need to get better at spotting fish.