Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guide Drowns on the South Fork of the Snake

A guide drowned yesterday on the South Fork near Swan Valley yesterday. The boat capzised near Fall Creek Falls (though it was in the channel near the highway, I believe and not the channel near falls) after it was caught it up in some willows. The clients made it to shore but the guide is yet to be found. I believe he was working out of Three Rivers Ranch. All our thoughts and prayers here at the eddy go out to his family and friends during this time.

Perhaps because of their tragic nature, these types of events serve as stark reminders of the power of moving water. The South Fork is a massive stream and this is, I believe, the second death of a fisherman on that river this year. Even though it is relatively flat in that upper section there are still hazards like sweepers and the occasional big boulder. Its not a stretch to say that scares me silly. I've yet to summon the courage to float it in my pontoon boat because I still feel like a novice on the oars. One things is for certain: life jackets and wading belts (cinched tight) can save your life, even if they seem like a hassle on a hot day in a stretch you've floated before.

Once again, my condolences to all those affected by this tragedy.   

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