Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eddy Music: Roadsongs Edition

I have been kicking around a few ideas about music and fishing and how it is I want to mesh the two together here on the eddy. I know that probably all three of my readers have no desire to read about my favorite bands or songs or albums. But I can’t help myself because I love music and I enjoy making lists and recommending bands and denigrating horrible '80s music and all the other things that make my wife tell me I am a music snob (to which I simply reply with a grunt).

I also enjoy the mixtape page in This is Fly. I like to see what they are recommending (I will be the first to admit that I haven’t heard of some of the bands) and listen to thing. So I am stealing their idea, but I am being completely open about it (which may result in the This is Fly guys staging some kind of cyber war against me, although I hope this is not the case).

I am calling it the eddy playlist, and this post represents volume one. I’m not sure how often I will post new playlists, though I am thinking once a quarter sounds right. The mixtape or playlist format allows me to be completely inane and mostly random, and it keeps the words to a minimum (although it seems likely I will find a way to add any number of words when I feel the urge).

So in honor of two road trips I have planned for the Fall season (one just finished up)--and due to the fact that the place where fly fishing and music most perfectly come together is perhaps along some highway on your way to a trout stream--here is the inaugural eddy playlist. Some of the songs are actually about traveling, others are not. But I enjoy listening to all of them on the road, in the car, with the fly rods in the trunk, so that is good enough for me. The music ranges from bluegrass to old school Nashville to Rock n’ Roll to folk to David Bowie*—so its pretty eclectic, at least in my view.

*David Bowie is really his own genre.

You can follow the links to Amazon Mp3s for each track (which, if you purchase, helps to support the eddy).

Eddy Playlist Volume One – Roadsongs

1 – Smith Hill (from Born on Flag Day) – Deer Tick

2 – Choctaw Bingo (from Live in Aught Three) – James McMurtry & the Heartless Bastards

3 – Thunder on the Mountain (from Modern Times) – Bob Dylan

4 - Lost Coastlines (from The Stand Ins) – Okkervil River

5 – Thunderstorms & Neon Signs (from Risin' Outlaw) – Hank III

6 – Clay Pigeons (from Fair & Square) – John Prine

7 – Denouncing November Blue (Uneasy Writer)( (from Four Thieves Gone) – The Avett Brothers

8 – Timebomb (from Too Far to Care) – Old 97s

9 – Wagon Wheel (from O.C.M.S) – Old Crow Medicine Show

10 – D.B. Cooper (from Near Truths and Hotel Rooms Live) – Todd Snider

11- License to Kill (from Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary Concert) – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

12 – Another Travelin’ Song (from I’m Wide Awake its Morning) – Bright Eyes

13 – Open All Night (from Nebraska) – Bruce Springsteen

14 – Been Around the World (from Gentleman's Blues) – Cracker

15 – I’m Waiting for the Man (from Live in Santa Monica '72) - David Bowie (channeling his inner Lou Reed)

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