Monday, August 16, 2010

What Do You Mean You Can't Repeat the Past? Of Course You Can...


Still alive, can you believe it?

School is over. I am the proud owner of a new master's degree, or I will be once the paperwork is done.

I am contemplating how I might reopen the eddy for business. So get ready (all three of you--and that might be a tad optimistic). My contemplations include potential collaborations and co-authors, so if you are interested, drop me a line (qgrover at gmail).

Anyway, I was poking around today and revisited Joshua Bergen's Troutbugs site. Good stuff from a guy who seems to fish a lot of places I have on my list. Check out his official site as well, if you like.

Finally, as a small and insubstantial token of thanks to anyone who is still reading this blog even though it went silent 11 months ago, here is a slideshow from a trip I took this spring. Its possible that there are more of these babies on the way.

Tight lines, amigos. When I re-emerge, the eddy may have a markedly different appearance.


  1. Congrats on the Masters! This one of the three is looking forward to your renewed postings and what awaits the revamped Eddy.

    Take care.

    -scot c

  2. Congrats on the degree! I guess 2 of 3 just checked in. I am looking forward to vicarious fishing via your blog until I can get out west.