Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hitting the Links: Triumphant Return Edition

Well the semester is over and its a blizzard outside (and not the delicious Dairy Queen kind), so I have some time to post to the eddy. I thought I might catch up on some links and stories over the past couple of months.
  • This is an old story but the Montana stream access law got a boost when the state's high court ruled in favor sportsman in the Mitchell Slough case.
  • Another old story, but a very large brown was caught on the Madison between the lakes.
  • By the way, not sure if you noticed, but the folks at Best Fly Fishing Yellowstone are better than ever. The volume and quality of posts is enough to get a guy through the Idaho winter. On top of that they have launched a new venture called Dry Fly Media that kicked off with some very unique DVDs. I'll have a full review sometime soon.
  • Speaking of new (at least to me) ventures, check out Story Arc, an outdoor blog that aims to be more than just tales of pig trout and getting drunk with your buddies. My man Cutthroat Stalker has a poem over there right now. If I can find the time I might submit something myself.
  • On the conservation front, the Trout Underground (unofficial greatest fly fishing blog on the planet) has a nice rundown of the situation in B.C. where somebody is doing their darndest to keep non-resident anglers (i.e., Americans) off some of the greatest steelhead rivers in the world.

Enjoy the links. I hope to put together a yearend rundown post at some point between Christmas and the New Year and I have a book and a DVD review to get finished. Tight (frozen) lines.

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