Friday, October 17, 2008

The Fall Roadie

Last week (during the early blizzard), my pal Packer and I hit the road in search of blue wings and angry fish that would try to obliterate our streamers. We found a few bugs, a few streamer-ready trout, a lot of foul (sometimes too foul) weather, and some bad luck. Packer won the award for die-hard fisherman by spending one whole day fishing with a terrible flu that had him puking streamside between fish. Now, with that introduction, on to the photos...

We caught our share of these guys.

This one turned out kind of blurry so I ran it through a PhotoShop watercolor filter. I thought that might add a touch of class considering Packer puked on the bank less than 20 minutes later. Unfortunately I was too far away to get any pictures of that.

Yes. That is a whitefish. No, the whitefish did not make Packer puke. Completely unrelated.

Packer fights a jumping brown before the snow rolled in.

One of the nicer bows of the trip.

The snow had rolled in at this point.

Just in case you needed more evidence. The snow wasn't too bad but the heavy winds and the subfreezing temps seemed to kill any chance of a nice blue wing hatch. Still...

...that didn't stop us from pulling in a few more trout.

This brown (above) exploded on a streamer. But the fish below...

...did not take a streamer. (Hey, whitefish need love to.) One of the great hero shots of all time. Man I love fall fishing. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

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  1. Beautiful fish and scenery there, Quinn. Today was probably the last perfect fall day to fish here in Logan (the cold and the 20 page paper are rolling in); so instead of doing that I graded papers all day.

    I did get to hit up Fish Creek last weekend,though. It was beautimus. May we continue to maintain our sanity somehow.