Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Saga Continues

Things up at Hebgen Lake Dam continue to, um, fluctuate (sorry about that).

As of yesterday, the folks at PP&L thought they had finally identified a solution, something they deduced after finally identifying the problem. It seems that some sonar was brought in to check the dam structure from the lake side and revealed that rotting timbers were in front of the headgates and creating turbulence. The plan was (is) to stabalize or remove those old timbers, which are part of the original dam structure and more than 100 years old, and bring in new ones to control the flows so they can eventually get in and repair the gate.

However, things haven't gone to plan (scroll down and you can read about the whole shooting match). Meanwhile the lake continues to drain (thank heavens for a good water year and that strange decision to hold water back all summer or the lake might really be drying up, instead of more than 70% full). The fishing on the river below is relegated to drifting nymphs and streamers along the bank, where all the fish have congregated. Not a bad way to hook a pig, really. But if the flows stay high expect a real crowd to head up the Madison into Yellowstone chasing Hebgen spawners this year. That could be a zoo, and I am not talking about the bison wandering around the highway. And since I know you are wondering, I have relocated my October trip for the time being (I have my heart set on blue wings), but I reserve the right to change my mind.

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