Monday, September 8, 2008

More Bad News for the Madison?

According to Madison River Fishing Company, the plan to fix the broken gate on Hebgen Dam has failed. I haven't found another source on this yet, but MRFC has been on top of this situation and there is no reason to doubt them. PP&L is now mulling their options, which may include draining the lake. Such a plan would be dire for both the Madison River fishery and the Hebgen Lake fishery, known across the west as a premeire gulper lake. Here is a news report from a couple of days ago.

If I here more, I'll keep you posted.

Update: Here's another link stating the bulkhead plan is on hold.

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  1. Man, bad news indeed! I didn't make it on the Madison earlier this summer (when I usually go) because the flows were too high. Then I was planning a late September run instead. Looks like maybe next year?

    Thanks for keeping us updated.