Saturday, July 5, 2008

An Old Guide in the New West

Midcurrent has a great piece this week on a crusty old Montana fishing guide, and just how important such a character can be to the rest of us. Its an excerpt from a book I would like to get my hands on called Castworks: Reflections of Fly Fishing Guides and the American West. Midcurrent's excerpt focuses on Rusty Vorous, a real fly fisherman if there ever was one. Between double-hauling an entire fly line into a stiff Montana wind and chain smoking his way down the river, Rusty pontificates on a variety of subjects. For instance, when discussing his chosen profession Rusty claims: "You can only yell 'strike' so many times before you get a brain aneurysm”. I always wondered about that, albeit not so eloquently. On the subject of casting: “Sometimes I like to take a look at my backing knot”.

Rusty sees the Yellowstone as one of the last truly wild places, and that is saying something considering he guided in Alaska. I can't recommend this piece more highly. Its an excellent bit of writing by Kirk Deeter and Andrew Steketee and some nice photos as well (see below). If you want to remember why you love fly fishing, and get a good idea of what might make you leave it all behind, check it out.

The Eddy will be out this week, but I should return with a few photos and maybe a fish story, if things break just right. Tight lines.

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  1. Great introduction, Eddy. Now I can't wait to check it out! Thanks.