Monday, June 16, 2008

Hitting the Links: Montana Bonanza (okay, two links)

Back from the dead, the Eddy returns with two links of interest to Montanans (Montanites?). The first comes from the FWP, which has published its annual guide to the backcountry lakes of the Absaroka-Beartooth and Crazy Mountains. This thing is a treasure trove of information for the backcountry angler. The guide lists stocking and species information (and a bunch of other stuff) for hundreds of lakes and is as up to date as can be reasonably expected given the FWP's meager budget and the sheer enormity of the task. From the FWP news release:

"...a Helena publisher wanted to print a book about the best fishing spots in the Absaroka-Beartooth Mountains. Marcuson was afraid that such a book would list only the best fishing spots and could endanger some lakes by concentrating people to just a few places. So he printed his own version of the guide, listing every lake, with the intent of spreading out fishing pressure."

The second link is the finest collection of online fishing reports I have come across for southwestern Montana. These are courtesy of Montana Troutfitters. Since I just stumbled on them, I am not sure how often they are updated, but the guys at the Troutfitters sure talk a big game. They also have a pretty interesting streamer blog that is worth checking out.

Lastly, due to craziness at work and crazy work at home, I haven't been fishing much lately, much less posting about my meager exploits. But I did make it out to Henry's Lake a few weeks ago and managed to catch the biggest brook trout of my life, here is a poor photo to mark the occasion. Unfortunately the image was ruined by my screwing with the shutter speed out of curiosity and forgetting to change it back, leading to a dark image that I tried to rescue using a photoshop-like software. Still, you get the gist of the moment. A special Eddy thanks to the extremely nice group of guys from North Dakota that I ran into up there. They turned me onto the right tactics and one of them even volunteered to immortalize the moment.

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  1. Quinn,
    I've been wondering where you've been. It's good to hear you're still thinking fish. I was up somewhere near you (? - not sure your exact locale, but think it's in that general vicinity) at the Portneuf a week ago. Interesting little fishery on the upper reaches.

    Thanks for the Troutfitters link.