Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hitting the Links: Mess o' Links Edition

Its been an eventful week in the Eddy. Highwater closed a portion of the Yellowstone near Livingston. If you've got more info, post it in the comments. Highwater is no joke. A guide lost his life last Sunday on the Biterroot while scouting out potential hazards for an upcoming trip. This is why I am a complete wuss when it comes to floating rivers. In a semi-related note, check out this video of a drift boat getting devoured by Whitehorse Rapid on the Deschutes in Oregon. Apparently they call that "oh sh*t" rock.

Lock your doors and windows, and hide your bamboo fly rods. Tom Chandler is coming to Montana.
Midcurrent checks in with three great pieces this week. First, a travelogue of a place I would love to fish someday, Kamchatka. Second, a cool casting video from Joan Wulff, first lady of fly fishing. Third, a neat article about that subject that pits brother against brother, husband against wife: strike indicators. I particularly liked the discussion of yarn indicators, my bobber of choice.
Check out this blog-like site that features almost daily updates about Rock Creek.

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