Monday, May 5, 2008

The Price of Gas on a Fishing-obsessed Father

Well, gas prices are soaring. While I was fishing in Utah, they went up more than 15 cents in Idaho Falls. I am finding this to be a tenuous situation. May is the month I like to fish lakes. The streams are usually blown and lakes are getting good before the heat of summer reduces them to an evening and morning game. I like to take the pontoon out and hook into some of those fish that are so fat they couldn't survive in moving water.

Unfortunately, Idaho Falls doesn't have too many trophy trout lakes less than 2 hours from my garage. This means driving. And when you're hauling pontoon boats in a Nissan Pathfinder, its difficult to carpool. All this plus the current price of gas means my spring lake trips could put the hurt on the family budget. So I have decided to skip the May lake fishing this year. At least for now. I plan to tie flies and get ready for June, one of my favorite river months (assuming the water comes down before August).

Of course that could all change if I can convince a fishing buddy or two to trade gas for flies. Or maybe the promise of getting their mug on the world famous 'In the Back Eddy' blog...okay, I better to stick to the flies. Anyway, if you get out this month, good luck and don't let the gas prices get you down. Five years from now we'll all be driving cars powered by garbage. Hey, it worked for Doc Brown.

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