Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fishing Report Roundup: Sandbags at the Ready Edition

Rivers all over Idaho are swelled to the limit. The Salmon is flowing at a mind-blowing 90,000 cfs. As such, options are limited for this weekend's opener. I am trying to decide between a somewhat local stillwater excursion or a long weekend in front of the vise.
  • Jimmy (5/21) has some interesting trivia concerning the flows on the Henry's Fork and some positive news about the South Fork.
  • Fins and Feathers is recommending the lower Madison with the caveat that it could turn brown at any moment.
  • Blue Ribbon Flies (5/20) kicks off its reporting season by recommending the Firehole for the Yellowstone opener.
  • Silver Creek Outfitters (5/20) provides a breakdown for the opener in Sun Valley.
  • Classic Journey Outfitters (5/19) offers this gem to describe the Missouri: "the river is puking bugs right now." Sounds appetizing.

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