Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hitting the Links: Treasureton Memories Edition

Just when I thought spring had settled in for a nice stay, old man winter dropped 2 inches of snow on us last night. Since I am on a brief fishing hiatus (got a big trip coming up in a week, need save up some good will from the Eddy Wife), I don't mind too much. Here's the latest links:
  • One of my favorite college haunts, Treasureton Reservoir, suffered a severe fish kill this winter. IDFG Biologists are attributing it to a lack of oxygen under all that ice and snow. Hope this isn't a trend for the Southeast Idaho reservoirs.
  • The Trust for Public Land (TPL) is working on a deal to protect some of the most beautiful land on earth. They have purchased mining claims near the Cooke City, MT and the northeast corner of Yellowstone. I love that country. TPL seems like a fine organization to donate to if you have some extra cash lying around.
  • Speaking of good organizations, here is another. Sportsmen for Responsible Energy is looking to strike a balance between energy development and conservation. Check 'em out.
  • I'm a sucker for well-turned phrase, and this tale by Lani Waller is full of them. This essay rivals many of my favorites from Nick Lyons. It ranks right up there with the title piece from Thomas McGuane's the Longest Silence (one of my all-time favorite fishing tales).
  • Finally, TU's new TV show "On the Rise" (see the trailer below) had an episode about the Madison River. I haven't seen it (no Outdoor channel at the Eddy Castle), but Tom Chandler at The Trout Underground wasn't impressed.


  1. That Lani Waller piece was great! Thanks for the link to it.

  2. Treasureton Res...does that make you an Aggie?