Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekend Fishing: The Bue Wings were Spotted

Things have been insane at my day job recently, and they are set to get worse. So I have tried to fish on the weekends as much as possible lately, with the knowledge that my weekends might be spent at the office pretty soon. With my workload set to explode, I snuck out for one last trip and prayed for an early hatch of blue wings before I get chained to my desk next week. Because I finally entered the world of the digital camera, I have even have some photos to share. Enjoy.

This guy took a BWO cripple.

I managed to click just fast enough to get the tail.

My best fish took a flashback pheasant tail.


  1. Hang in there (w/workload) - if you're fishing most weekends you are doing better than most, and keeping priorities straight.

    I've been waiting for photos...nice job and welcome to the digital age (I'm still only half way there).

  2. Q. What's a "Bue Wing"? ;)

    A. The only fly (tiny is best) that an Oregon fly fisher needs when visiting the Rockies in early April.

    Enjoying your blog! I write mostly about education, but I do participate in the Oregon forum. If you ever head to the Pacific Northwest, give us a shake and we'll steer you right.

  3. Thanks, guys. And Hugh, I am a regular over at Westfly, although more reading than posting. I go by the name qtrout over there. Thanks for visiting.