Monday, March 10, 2008

Hitting the Links: Philospohical Paradox Edition

The Tennessee Valley Angler recently delved into an age-old problem that has been amplified by the information age: how to keep anyone with a internet connection and a fly rod from stealing your secret hole while still managing to connect with your brothers and sisters of the angle via the interweb. Okay, so its a run-on sentence problem as well as a philosophical paradox, but that only makes it harder. You might wonder why some moron with his own blog dedicated to fly fishing (I am referring to myself here, not the TVA) can complain about the internet costing him casting time at a his favorite riffle. In fact, you have every right to wonder such a thing. That is the nature of a paradox, it leads to copious amounts of wondering.

Before I started this grand journey on the information superhighway I wrote articles for various fly fishing magazines. The easiest concept to sell was (and is, I think) a destination piece. I never liked the idea of inviting the masses to my local river, even if my local river is the Henry's Fork, one of the three or four most famous rivers in the country. So I swore off destination pieces, at least for a time. Then I lost my nerve and now I am working on a potential piece in conjunction with a spring trip I have planned. What can I say, its a huge lake that rarely gets fly fished, and I am a walking contradiction.

Anyway, my point (and I do have one), is that circumstance ought to dictate the beans that we spill. And if you are not sure what the circumstances are dictating, err on the side of caution. If you surf the net looking for the next secret spot (c'mon, who hasn't?) then you can be sure there are a few other smart guys and gals doing just the same. Much of the joy I take from fishing comes from figuring it out. That might mean a hatch, a nymphing technique or even how to get away from the crowds on new water. I believe we can still promote fly fishing (something that needs to be done for the sake of our resources, I believe) without naming names, so to speak.

So in that spirit, here is my report for the weekend: I spent two days fishing with my dad and brother. We caught some trout, even a few on the surface. I saw my first blue winged mayflies of the new year. And even though the two rivers we fished are well-known, I will go no further.

Some additional links, since I have been delinquent in posting lately.

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