Monday, March 17, 2008

Fishing Report Roundup: The Surface Action is Heating Up

Have you ever noticed that 40 degrees in March feels like shorts-and-a-stained-'wifebeater'- tank-top weather, while 40 degrees in November feels like ice-in-your-chin-whiskers weather? Is that just me? Maybe that's why I love March.

Unfortunately, we have given a little of our snowpack away and most basins are hovering dangerously close to normal (but check out the cool maps they have for disseminating the data). Here's hoping its a wet Spring.

Do you have a shop that you'd like to add to the roundup? If so, drop me an email. Thanks for tuning in and keep an eye out for those heads in the foam lines.


  1. The Bitterroot fishing well???!!!** It's time to get my grump on I guess. Last Sunday I could hardly get a cast in since there were so many friends floating by in boats, it was more like sitting at the cafe in town (except the beer was free....) Yep, the fishing is decent, just got to keep a pile of good throwing rocks handy to keep the boaters out of your wading water. Might be time to go to 0X and #2 streamers....

  2. Having not been up there myself, I can only take the Missoulian Angler at their word, Tobin. And we all know that fly shops never exaggerate the fishing on a river to drum up business, right? Good luck and watch out for those boats.

  3. Actually I am celebrating. Having just turned 50 I have achieved one of my life goals - becoming a curmudgeon!!

  4. Congrats on reaching curmodgeon status. I have always hoped to one day obtain the title of dirty old man.