Friday, February 29, 2008

Jacklin's Monster Brown in Technicolor

A couple of years ago, flyshop owner and West Yellowstone icon Bob Jacklin caught a 32-inch brown trout in the Madison between the lakes on a caddis nymph pattern. Although I haven't been around too long, this behemoth is the biggest trout I have ever heard of coming out of the Madison. Jacklin took the fish home to mount it (taxidermy being one of his hobbies), which set off a relative maelstorm on the internet with catch-and-release zealots pitted against those who believed that Jacklin had every right to take home his fish of a lifetime (pencil me into the latter camp). Greg Thomas did a neat write-up of the whole affair for Big Sky Journal (sorry, I couldn't find it online).

Anyway, Jacklin was being filmed for a video at the time, so the whole thing was captured with moving pictures. And thanks to the magic of the interweb, its available below. This baby was posted seven months ago, but I just stumbled on it. Enjoy.

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  1. "Catch and Release" becomes a religion after a while. In my younger days I was a bait-flinging salmon hunter. Now, fly fishing for trout and steelhead, and releasing all but the hatchery steelies, I can hardly imagine how many fish I bonked in the old days.

    But folks have to keep it in perspective. C&R was instituted to protect fish runs, not to worship fish. The PNW Native Americans revered the salmon, but they ate 'em, too. Which brings us back around to reality.

    Bob Jacklin was clearly in-bounds, and for an old guy to catch an old fish, and a record breaker at that, well, that deserves a place on the wall and a place on the dinner plate.

    BTW, someone on linked to your blog, which is how I got here. Keep posting! :)

    Hugh aka Repairman