Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hitting the Links: Trembling with Anticipation Edition

Well the Spring season is practically here. We've been above freezing every day for the past week or so. The shore ice is melting and the fish are beginning to move. If you look off in the distance, squint just so, and use your imagination, you can even see the ice melting off the lakes and the spring stillwater season. Okay, maybe not.

On to the links...
  • Here is an interesting article from Midcurrent on fishing different types of Montana waters. If nothing else it should get you even more psyched for the warm weather.
  • Our man Biggie, pioneer of the Eddy Conversations, has a nice dry fly featured on The Weekly Fly site.
  • A recent study suggests that slot limit regulations may lead to fish populations that are more timid (i.e., less likely to eat your fly). Its an interesting thought. This link courtesy of a recent discusson on Westfly.
  • Don't forget your Montana fishing license expires Feb. 29. Can someone explain to me how Montana chose this date?
  • Snowpack continues to be positive, although we have given a little back over the past few weeks. Most basins are 100 to 120% of normal.
  • The guys at Best Fly Fishing posted some recent links (here and here) concerning some new data related to that climate change thing you may have heard about.

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