Friday, February 15, 2008

Hitting the Links: More Dollars and Sense Edition

If your hands cramp up while tying blue wing olive emergers, check out the latest batch of links:
  • A week or so ago, I wrote a piece about the economic value of a fishery. Well, thanks to a tip from a reader, I found this study of the economic value of fishing in Montana. And to top it off, TU's Trout magazine published a feature on the subject in the latest issue.
  • The guys at Best Fly Fishing Yellowstone note that we appear to be in for a wet Spring.
  • Its kind of late on my part, but Westfly has its February fishing reports up for Idaho and Montana.

That's it for now. I have a cool feature coming in the next few days. Until then, I'll be cheering for Arsenal to beat Man U. in the FA Cup.


  1. Man United - 4
    Aresonal - 0

    United Forever!

  2. Ouch, what a result. But the gunners are still 5 points clear in the league.