Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hitting the Links: Executive Summary Edition

Just a couple of quick links to pass along while I wonder how Arsenal managed not to score against AC Milan today.
  • Robert Warren passed on this link about one of the most ambitious river projects in history. I witnessed a similar project on a much smaller scale when the Middle Provo River in Utah was restored to its original channel. As Robert stated in his note to me, this will serve as a litmus test for our current knowledge about restoring large-scale ecological systems.
  • The Fly Fishing Film Tour is headed to our area (get your tickets here). It will be in Missoula on Feb. 23, in Bozeman on Feb. 25, and in Salt Lake Mar. 3. C'mon guys, how about an Idaho Falls showing?

1 comment:

  1. Went with a couple of friends to the Seattle show last night. It was very cool and well worth going. Lots of Alaska (mostly around Bristol Bay) and if anyone left not sure if the Pebble Mine is a bad idea then they weren't paying attention! The Mongolia Fish Bum film is best from AEG so far. Only downside is that it was light on saltwater coverage...though NC albies were very impressive. A clear thumbs up!