Thursday, January 24, 2008

Newfangled Contraption: Photographic Evidence

The newfangledness just isnt' as strong as I thought it might be.

Loyal reader Prosopium sent along a photo of the device (which I referred to last week) that is being used in the Lemhi River to study Chinook Salmon. This one is from a stream in Oregon. Prosopium's description:

"Attached is a photo of a rotary screw migrant trap. I assume it's identical to the one being used by IDFG in the Lemhi (I am aware of only one company that builds them). We used this on in a small Lower Columbia River trib in Oregon to monitor out-migrating steelhead and coho salmon."

Honestly, I wish it looked a little more alien. After reading the article from IDFG, I was picturing something from Minority Report or E.T. Maybe they can make it look a little more futuristic next time around.

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