Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hitting the Links

A few links to ponder...

  • I've mentioned a few times the good snowpack that has been building this winter. Go here to get the latest updates. As of today, most basins are somewhere between 100% and 120% of average for the total precipitation this water year (the water year beings October 1st, I think). These numbers hold true for most of Idaho and most of Montana. Good news because the lakes in both states were low last year. Hebgen Lake was as low as I have ever seen it.

"Biologically, all of the Big Hole tentative proposals are sound. However, hearing significant opposition to the proposed changes in this reach, FWP staff feels that the proposals to drop the artificial lures only requirement from Dickie Bridge to Divide and from Divide to Melrose can be eliminated in order to recognize what has become a traditional use pattern and demand expressed by the public."

  • This link is a little old, but the trout numbers on the Missouri River are in good shape as of last November.

That is it for now. Catch a fish or two this weekend for me.

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