Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hitting the Links: the Dead of Winter Edition

Well, the snow has been falling off and on all week here in paradise. There comes a moment every winter when spring is still out of reach and fall seems long ago. During those moments I really wish I could afford a second home in New Zealand.

  • Fin Chasers is putting on carp tourney at Idaho's Blackfoot Reservoir in May. Check it out if you like fishing for the Golden Missile. When I was in college I made a couple of trips to the Blackfoot River above the lake. I still remember stopping to look at the river where it pours into the reservoir (when there is water, that is). The carp I saw on that day remain the largest freshwater fish I have ever seen in the wild (if you can consider carp to be wild).
  • Some conservation groups are crying foul over timber practices on the East Fork of the Bitterroot. The logging company seems to have gone a little too far in the name fire prevention. This is courtesy of loyal reader Robert Warren.
  • Lost your faith in humanity? Let the folks at the Oregon Westfly Board (and Deschutes Angler) restore it for you. Go here, here, and here for the full story.
  • Finally, as I mentioned earlier, spring seems pretty distant. But thanks to the fly fishing video revolution, we can at least watch movies and dream about the temps above 25 degrees. So I wanted to link to one of my favorite fly fishing vids at The Drake site and encourage anyone who fancies it to post a comment with a URL for their own favorite video. Together, we can win the battle against cabin fever (if it gets too bad, we can just go fishing).

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