Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hitting the Links Again

A couple more links:

  • Idaho has issued its fishing regs for 2008-09. Not a lot of changes for my neighborhood, although I was happy to see them change the regs for Treasureton Reservoir to a two trout limit with no harvest allowed under 20 inches (the previous regulation was no harvest allowed under 16 inches).
  • Idaho Fish and Game are using some newfangled machine to study Chinook salmon in the Lemhi River. Anyone have a picture of this thing? Send it along if you do and I will post it.
  • The guys over at Best Fly Fishing Yellowstone.com have done some interesting work this winter. The just finished up a nice series about fly fishing in the winter, and have moved on to a new series on my all-time favorite mayfly, the Blue-winged Olive.

Sorry for the delay in posts, I am having some internet troubles. Back with a new recurring feature tonight (I hope).

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