Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fishing Report Roundup

Welcome to the first report roundup. I plan to do one of these every other week until the weather warms a bit, then I will switch to once a week (unless I am somewhere fishing for a week). Here's how it works: each roundup provides links to the most recent online fishing reports for the Eastern Idaho/Western Montana regions and maybe a few other waters. On to the reports.

  • Fins and Feathers (1/07/08) report includes a guide's choice. This week it is the lower Madison.
  • Jimmy's in Idaho Falls (1/04/08) advocates small beadheads on the South Fork and the Henry's Fork.
  • Craig Matthews at Blue Ribbon Flies (12/30/07) describes a recent day drifting small nymphs for nice trout on the Madison.
  • Henry's Fork Anglers (12/14/07) recommends giving the Fall River a try this winter.

That is it for this roundup. There are just not many new reports out there. That's the bad news, the good news is: it has been snowing like mad. The snowpack for the Henry's Fork and the South Fork drainages are both above average. Such weather makes it an easy choice to stay in and tie flies, and dream of spring.

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