Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fishing Report Roundup - Update

Silver Creek Outfitters in Sun Valley updated their report (well, they sent the email with the new report, but the site doesn't reflect it as of now). As usual for this time of year, they have extolled the virtues of winter fishing the Big Wood. I have heard about the winter fishing on the Wood for a long time, but have never managed to get over there and try it out.

A word of caution, with the recent snow and the cold temps, the East Idaho roads are in rough shape.

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  1. I've fished the Big Wood a handful of times in winter. I wouldn't say the fishing was great, but then again, at times it was pretty good, and it's never bad when on one else is on the river.

    Even found a few fish working midges on top. Red brassies if you're not fishing on top, and a looping midge emerger if you are.

    It's a pretty stretch of the country, and one thing Ketchum/Sun Valley folks have done right is protect fishermen access in the face of all the bazillion dollar homes going up along the river.

    Trout Underground