Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Beads Have Eyes

While cruising the forums on Westfly (the best fly fishing forums on the web, for my money), I came across these new beadheads, which are, at the very least, unique. Check out the picture (courtesy of the website).

They are made of tungsten, so I imagine they go deep pretty quickly. I have never tried them but I would be interested in any feedback from someone who has. You have to sharpie the eyes yourself in order to get the two colors, but once you do they seem to look quite real. However, there are not too many naturals out there that have shiny brass heads, so I'm not sure that eyes are a necessity for a beadhead nymph. Anyway, I thought they were cool, and I use a lot of beadhead nymphs, but I haven't decided to drop the cash for them (they cost an average of $5.95 for a pack of fifteen).

1 comment:

  1. Eyes on nymphs are an important part of fooling fishermen though, the Sharpie idea is pretty good, allows you to crank them out efficiently.